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The H is for Hiring campaign aims to fill SC’s open hospital positions

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) — A new campaign is underway to fill thousands of hospital vacancies in South Carolina, and it begins in an attempt to grab the attention of travelers during one of the busiest weeks of the year.

The South Carolina Hospital Association has just launched its “H is for Hiring” campaign, which will run through at least the end of next year.

In doing so, the association wants to draw more attention to available positions in hospitals in South Carolina and refer applicants to them.

“We’re a large employer — in many cases one of the largest employers in each county, and we have a lot of vacancies,” said SCHA vice president, workforce and member engagement, Lara Hewitt.

Billboards featuring the familiar “H” symbol, which informs people where hospitals are located, have been erected across the state when South Carolina residents visit loved ones over the Thanksgiving holiday. They advertise with “Great pay. Great career. Great Life” and directs people to the campaign website where they can find jobs near them and learn more about the industry.

SCHA said it will also be spreading the word through social media and other outdoor advertising, including signage in Death Valley for Saturday’s Carolina Clemson game.

According to Hewitt, hospitals are looking for everyone from current healthcare workers to those just starting their careers to students considering the industry.

The American Hospital Association reports that South Carolina’s hospitals and healthcare systems have approximately 9,000 open positions, mostly in nursing.

Hewitt said they want to make sure people are aware of these jobs, as well as the lesser-known jobs in the field that are just as important to fill.

“At some point in our lives, we will all be consumers of healthcare,” she said. “We want to do everything we can to ensure that people who have a heart and a passion for people of ministry know that these career paths exist and that they are choosing to take them, and that they have the support along the way.” to be successful so that our hospitals will continue to be staffed to care for all our loved ones in the future.”

Hewitt said the vacancies can be attributed to several causes.

“During the pandemic, we’ve had a lot of people who have taken early retirement and may have chosen other places of employment, but we — the demand continues to grow because there are a lot of people who haven’t received the services they’re receiving post-COVID need, so they come in now and there’s an increased need for their services, which means there’s an increased need for all of the people who are providing those services,” she said.

The hospital association said it plans to integrate new education, student support and workplace initiatives next year, including rolling out this campaign in schools.

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