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Carolina’s coordinators schedule Saturday afternoons in Clemson

The South Carolina Gamecocks coordinators would love to see a repeat.

But simply applying that 63-38 win over Tennessee to Saturday afternoon’s game against Clemson is easier said than done. According to offensive coordinator Markus Satterfieldit starts with “the same mindset”.

An almost error-free execution would certainly also help.

“Coach (Shane) Beamer said it’s best out there in practice, it’s not going to be the team that wants it the most or hates each other the most or goes out and has fancy plays,” Satterfield said. “It will be the team that plays best.”

It also plays a big role in empowering players to succeed. Satterfield said so on Wednesday during his weekly press conference.

“I think it’s just about putting out a few tracks that our guys can go out and perform no matter what,” he said. “Take care of the football, didn’t miss any tasks. Those are the games that we take with us and try to go out there and try to run them during the game.”

Defensive, Clayton White will face a different type of challenge this week than last.

“You can’t really come up with the same plan every week,” he said. “Every week is a new week. Clemson presents his own problems in a variety of ways.”

The tigers make their hay on the ground.

“Three-headed monster in the backfield,” White said. “You can count the quarterback as four. Great recipients. Offensive line was there. They have a few young guys but they have a really good offensive line. Just a good program that has been very consistent over the past ten years. You know what you’re getting from Clemson.

“They will not change what they do. Spread out, QB Run Game, Running Backs. They have three really good backs, tight ends that move. We need to be dialed in.”

Offensively, South Carolina must be dialed in against a talented group of linemen.

“Her front four, five – can’t really say front four, but her defensive line in general, depth and everything, she’s really, really, really super talented, with the speed and the hands and the length and the athleticism and the size in the Inside,” Satterfield said. “It’s going to be a problem for us. We have to be smart about what we ask of our boys. These guys can ruin a game very, very quickly. The second level linebacker game they have – the football knowledge and the way they play in the backend is really cool to watch.

“(Trenton Simpson) and (Beret Carter) are really, really, really good soccer players. In the backend they also played a lot of soccer. We’ll have our hands full. It is. the same staff, for the most part, from last year and they’ve really gotten over it. We need to improve a lot from last year and we’re going to keep working this week and hope we can do that.”

This group is coordinated by Wes Goodwinwho was commissioned to take over Brent Venables.

“I wouldn’t say exactly the same thing, but going to an incorrect scale of 1-100, I’d say (Goodwin is) 85 percent equal,” Satterfield said. “But there are a few different situations in the game where he’s completely different than Venables, but still a lot of the same structure, a lot of the same pressure, the same movements, similarities and things like that.”