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Oregon Ducks Football: New Rivalry Game Name > Oregon

Happy Holidays, Oregon fans!

Thank you for spending this incredible season with us here at FishDuck so far. We’re just as excited as you are Dan Lanning, rising superstars and the future of this Oregon Ducks football program overall.

Today we turn our attention to the beavers, where our age-old rivalry game needs a new name. We’ve had one for the past few days lively discussion lead by Pennsylvania duck in the new FishDuck Forum We went through some ideas and we thought of making a list of some of the fan favorites.

Civil War Bowl

Emphasis on the hyphen. Throwing a dash at the game can alter the game to have its own identity again. It may feel small, but the game becoming its own entity is crucial to finding the new name we end up last on.

There are several other fantastic iterations of “Civil‘ that fans came up with in the aforementioned thread including: The Civil Bowl, Civil Rivalry, Civil Game, civil rivalry, you name it. However, nothing gets the adrenaline pumping quite like the Civil War moniker.

Troy Franklin and the Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon State football program - in Eugene, OR

Craig Strobeck

New name or not, Oregon State is a solid football team this year. Oregon needs to bring their A-game.

Webfoot War

Doesn’t roll off the tongue that easily, sure. However, this fits well with the Ducks and the Beaves. Hug the mascots even more to get a little more out of this rivalry? I can now see the green and orange banners waving webbed feet.

Valley iterations

This is a collective term similar to “Civil” Idea. Valley Rivalry, Valley Bowl, etc. This is fairly fair for all schools involved and can really capitalize on what makes Oregon a unique place for fighting on the gridiron.

Willamette bowl

Since ducks and beavers spend most of their time in the water, I think it’s fitting to pair the rivalry game’s name with one of Oregon’s major rivers.

Regardless of where we end up, we need a new name for this historic duel. Quickly. It doesn’t change the ending of the game or anything, but it just feels that way out when it’s now listed as just another game for everyone outside of their respective Oregon fanbases on the schedule.

So far these are some of our favorites but we only have knows There’s a lot more out there that could make a great new name for the age-old rivalry we’ve all come to love.

What do you think? Should The rivalry has a new name? What’s your current favorite to replace Civil War? Please inform us about it FishDuck Forum with decency!

Enjoy the holidays today Ducks and stay healthy!

Alexander Heining
Los Angeles, California
Photo above by: Craig Strobeck

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