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Bodycam footage shows Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s drunk son being accused of possession of firearms < Oklahoma

Bodycam footage posted to social media showed Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s underage son, who was drunk and confronted by police after he was found in possession of a firearm earlier this month.

On November 1, 2022, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt’s 20-year-old son and his friends were reportedly arrested by police near a haunted house in Guthrie after deputies were informed of a suitcase full of guns found in the parking lot a local was found haunted house.

‼️WATCH: We have new bodycam footage of the incident @GovStitt‘s Son and the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. “To be honest, my father is the governor…”@OKCFOX

The firearms reportedly belonged to Kevin Stitt’s son, John Andrew Stitt, who told officers the guns were taken from his unlocked car by an unknown person.

Video shows Gov. Kevin Stitt’s son using his clout while being arrested by an officer

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In the video, which has since gone viral, Gov. Kevin Stitt’s son can be heard saying, “To be honest, my dad is the governor” after he was found in possession of firearms. The officer then succinctly replied that she didn’t care and accused Stitt of being extremely intoxicated at the scene. The deputy said:

“I’m leaving, to be honest with you. Governor’s son or not, your pupils are extremely dilated.”

After Stitt admits being drunk, the officer asks him to call his parents, saying:

“Call your father or mother, it doesn’t matter which.”

Stitt, who complied with the officer’s request, made a call, after which bodycam video showed the deputy speaking to the parent. During the call, the MP addressed the situation in which her son was found intoxicated and in possession of firearms. The officer is heard saying:

“Well, my concern is that a gun case was hauled out of your son’s truck. And your son is drunk. Umm, is there a way you can pick up those guns?”

According to KOCO 5 , the firearms were reportedly picked up by a member of the governor’s Executive Security. Stitt and his group were also escorted home by security.

Governor Kein Stitt’s son was offered a deferred prosecution program

According to Oklahoman, District Attorney Laura Thomas said after the Halloween incident that Stitt was offered a deferred prosecution program that included community service. The law enforcement program will reportedly prevent Stitt from getting a criminal record.

If you are not outraged by what happened or didn’t happen @GovStitt‘s son, you’re not paying attention. We got people in jail/jail for less. It’s not OK!

Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux supported the district attorney’s bid, though several people accused the office of preferential treatment. However, Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux said that Stitt was not arrested at the scene because he did not break any laws that would warrant an arrest. Devereaux, while defending his position, told KOCO 5:

“Underage possession was the only charge we had in this deal because he wasn’t carrying the guns. He didn’t use guns. He didn’t drive. He caused no disturbance. So he couldn’t have been arrested for public intoxication.”

Will Logan County give the same leniency to students whose fathers aren’t Kevin Stitt? Or will these young people be arrested?…

Stitt must meet the terms of the deferred prosecution program to avoid future charges, officials said.