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Hit the dot on the “i” for the Ohio State Michigan font Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – Rivalry Week at Ohio State University is all about tradition, and one of those comes from the Best Damn Band In The Land: a sousaphonist dots the “I” as the band forms the script Ohio.

This year, that honor goes to fifth-year student Avery Voress.

Voress said that from the second he wakes up to the very last second of the game, he plans to enjoy every moment of this historic game.

“If I could go back in time and look at myself now, I would think this is fake, this can’t be real,” Voress said.

He said when he was a kid he thought of the Ohio State Marching Band as celebrities.

Now on Saturday, as a member of the band, he will receive one of the greatest honors there is by dotting the “I” as the band forms the script Ohio.

The formation of the script Ohio has an almost centuries-old tradition. The sousaphonist with the “I” worked in the band for the full four or five years to earn this honor.

“It’s finally here, after a lifetime of waiting and working and realizing that it’s actually going to happen in a few days,” Voress said. “It’s just so exciting.”

Voress said there was a “point-over” between him and his classmate; That meant they were tied on points and had to perform to see who would win. Then it came to the vote.

Voress did a practice run with Head Drum Major Austin Bowman at the OSU vs. Penn State game at Double Script Ohio.

“I expect it to be very different this Saturday,” said Voress. “There’s a bit of a panic, how am I going to get there in time and everything, and then about halfway through the strut and the bow it’s like, ‘Wow, I did it.'”

Bowman said it will be a special moment for him and Voress. This will be Bowman’s final honor of leading the band as head drum major during the Ohio script.

“Not many people experience what we’re experiencing,” Bowman said. “We’ve done the pre-season work and prepared for it, so I know he’s ready and I know I’m ready, so we’re just going to go out there and have a great time.”

The band still have a few rehearsals before the glory of a lifetime. The game begins on Saturday noon with the Ohio script taking place on the field before the game.