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Glöckner honored for 50 years of voluntary service, 1972


25 years ago – 1997

Mandan City Commissioners have earmarked $28,500 to purchase the old Doc’s Bait and Tackle building at 500 East Main. Doc’s was opened in 1982 by John and Ramona Dockter, who ran the business until 1992. Up to this point it was a popular meeting place for thousands of anglers from the area. A new owner, Tom Davis, took over ownership last year and had started the renovation when the city made its bid.

Mandan girls placed second at the North Dakota High School Girls’ State Swim and Diving Convention in Grand Forks; First place went to Minot. Lauren Little and Rachelle Giese were the two individual winners of Mandan. Little took first place in the 200 m freestyle; Teammate Giese won the jumping competition. Mandan coach Ralph Manley was also named Coach of the Year by his peers.

Reynold Olson of Mandan has been named Retired Senior Volunteer Program Volunteer of the Week. A volunteer since 1994, Olson helps the Golden Age Club deliver Meals on Wheels each month and also drives the RSVP bus. Olson and his wife Louise farmed in the Almont area for 34 years and moved to Mandan in 1979.

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Temps recorded Tuesday, November 25: a high of 44 degrees; 21 for the low.

50 years ago – 1972

James C. Stark, Mandan, and his sister, Mrs. Elsie (Stark) Martin, formerly of Mandan, have donated $1,000 to the Mandan Salvation Army in honor of their brother’s 50 years of service. The gift was received during the 90th birthday celebration for her brother Walter at The Salvation Army Headquarters, 112 First Ave. made NW. Walter is even known for his devotion to ringing the Army Christmas bell near the front of the JC Penney store on West Main Street when the temperature dropped to 20 below. Due to his advanced age, he was no longer able to carry out his usual job last Christmas for the first time in over 40 years.

Vicki Schafer, daughter of Mr and Mrs Frank Schafer of Glen Ullin, was elected State Christmas Seal Queen in 1972. She represented Morton County in the annual contest and was crowned by Linda Kobilansky, the 1971 Christmas Seal Queen. During her reign, Vicki will appear on television, radio and at various events across the state promoting the annual Christmas Seals campaign.

Bradley F. Charnholm has been appointed manager of the Charles F. Ellis Agency in Mandan. Charnholm, a graduate of the University of North Dakota with a degree in business administration, has served as director of the Bismarck branch of the General Adjustment Bureau for the past six years and has served there for 12 years.

For the first time in its 44-year history, the Dow Jones average of 30 industrial stocks closed above 1,000 on Tuesday, November 14. Brokers and analysts believe the rebound was fueled by rising hopes of peace in Vietnam and President Richard Nixon’s re-election.

Temps recorded Saturday, November 25: a high of 35 degrees; 20 for the low.

75 years ago – 1947

The winners of the North Dakota Outdoors Art and Photo Contest were announced this week by WJ Lowe, State Game and Fish Commissioner. Winning entries from Mandan were: Cornelia Hetzler and John Christenson for their photo entries and Michael Paul’s entry in the oil painting section.

A new red and white grocery store owned by Mr. and Mrs. Jack Braun opened on Saturday November 15th at the Syndicate Extension, Third Street SW. The 30 x 40 cement block building replaces a nearby shop that had also been run by the Brauns. While Mr. Braun served in World War II, the business was run by Leo Kopp; Mrs. Braun was employed at JC Penney’s downtown store.

Marriage vows were exchanged in the rectory of St. Joseph Church by Miss Virginia Wirtz, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wirtz, and Carl L. Ohm, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ohm, Sr., all Mandan . Present were Miss Helen Knoll and Eugene Finz, both from Mandan. A wedding breakfast was served to the newlyweds and their guests in the Northern Pacific Lunchroom. Both Mr. and Mrs. Ohm are graduates of Mandan High School. The bride was employed in the Morrey Allen shop in Bismarck; Mr. Ohm is connected to his father at the Ohm ice cream parlor. He also served in the Army Air Corps for four years, achieving the rank of captain.

Births announced this week: daughters born to Mr. and Mrs. LR Rebenitsch, Fort Rice; Mr and Mrs Frank Berger, Mr and Mrs Fred Harm, Mr and Mrs John Mehigan and Mr and Mrs Martin Pitzer, all of Mandan. Sons born to Mr. and Mrs. Adam Gustin, St. Anthony, and to Mr. and Mrs. Max Smith, Huff.

Temps recorded Tuesday, November 25: a high of 36 degrees; 8 above zero for the low.

100 years ago – 1922

“This year, Thanksgiving is celebrated on November 30th, the last Thursday of the month.

“Three Mandan churches, representing the Methodist, Presbyterian and Episcopalian congregations, will unite for a joint service at the Methodist Church on Thanksgiving Day, November 30th. The Presbyterian and Methodist Church Choirs have prepared a special music program and Rev HH Owen of the Presbyterian Church will deliver the sermon, followed by a donation to the Near East Relief Fund. Prayers for those in need around the world are offered by Rev. FH Davenport of Christ Episcopal Church.

“CG Hughes has been elected Worshipful Master of Mandan Masons Lodge #8 for the coming year. Other elected officers were Dr. AO Henderson, Senior Warden; Otto Bauer, sub-guard; JB Racek, Secretary (his 11th term); and EB Wilkinson, Treasurer.

“The children of the Parochial School at St. Joseph Church honored their pastor, Rev. Fr. Clement, with a special program of music and recitations in honor of his name day on Thursday morning, November 23rd.

“John J. Erhart, the Almont farmer who beat his neighbor, John Williman, with a heavy iron bolt and whose sentence of $25 fine and 25 days was appealed for assault and assault, has now been commuted to simple assault by the jury of the district court. Following the appeal hearing today, Erhart was sentenced to $35 in fines and only five days in prison. However, failure to pay the fine would earn Erhart five additional days in jail for every $5 unpaid, up to a maximum of 12 days, according to Judge Pugh.

‘Miss Elizabeth Doll, daughter of Mr and Mrs Anton Doll of Mandan, and Alfonse Stockert of Solen were married at 8am Mass at St Joseph’s Church. The couple’s companions were Miss Rose Wetch and Steve Haider. Following the ceremony, a wedding dinner was served at the bride’s parents’ home on Fourth Avenue NE.

Temps recorded Saturday, November 25: a high of 44 degrees; 16 for the low.

125 years ago – 1897

“At 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 25, the thermometer read 16 degrees above zero; 4 degrees was the low.

“The city flag, school flag and North Pacific business flag were flown at half-staff on Tuesday to honor the late Dr. Read as a member of the city’s health department and also as the local doctor in the North Pacific.

“All mortals of the late Dr. Edward Wayland Read were buried in Greenwood Cemetery on Thursday 18th November. The funeral was under the auspices of Masonic Lodge No. 8 AF and AM, to which the deceased belonged, an old master. The funeral procession took place at the home of Dr. Read was held at Mandan and was under the direction of Mr. EC Rice, Marshal appointed by the Lodge. More than 300 people from Mandan and Bismarck, along with members of the local Masonic lodge, gathered for memorial services conducted by Rev. Byers in the crowded Presbyterian Church. At the end of the service the procession solemnly went to the cemetery, accompanied by the music of Chopin’s funeral march delicately performed by the band conducted by Mr. Groom, followed by the grieving widow and the doctor’s brother and two sisters.

“A new doctor has arrived in Mandan – Dr. GB Furness who will be responsible for railway practice.

“W McIntyre, deceased of Emmons County, died early Saturday morning, just over two days after accidentally swallowing ammonia in the salon at the new North Pacific hotel. He leaves behind a wife and several children. McIntyre was employed at Badger Ranch in Emmons County for several years and had saved his wages so he and his family could travel to their new home in Salem, Oregon. The McIntyre family will now escort the coffin by train to its original destination in Salem, where the burial will take place.”

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