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Popular bar Nob Hill teams up with pop-up Miracle for a festive makeover

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Be honest. How many of you had your Christmas decorations before the turkey went into the oven for Thanksgiving?

There’s no shame in starting the holiday season early, but one bar in Nob Hill might be a step ahead with their one-of-a-kind Christmas pop-up.

“I thought, has Santa thrown up yet? They said, ‘Not yet,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, let’s move on.’”

This is Kate Gerwin. She and her staff at Happy Accidents in Nob Hill nailed their decorations in the spirit of a miracle.

“I wanted there not to be an inch around here that doesn’t scream Christmas. Everywhere, every table, every place is festive,” said Kate Gerwin. “The holidays are a time to celebrate and get together to have a few cocktails. What better way to achieve this than simply remodeling your entire bar?”

Miracle is a holiday pop-up that’s been in bars in major cities across the country for years — but never before in New Mexico.

“We almost balked at doing it just because it’s overwhelming and there’s a lot of deco, but this year we were like, ‘We’re pulling out all the stops, we really want to show New Mexico all kinds of things that they still have never seen before,'” said Gerwin.

They transformed the whole place in less than a week.

“We had to take everything down – the glasses, all our juices, all our glasses, everything – all the fountains were pulled out, all the decor was completely destroyed, it’s like a completely different bar here. Absolutely everything has changed,” she explained .

Now the drinks menu is packed with holiday specials, including the Christmas cricket. It’s a twist on a classic grasshopper cocktail that we got a little taste of.

“It’s like an explosion of mint chocolate and cocoa pandan,” she described. “We also have stuff like Grandma Got Runover By a T-Rex – rum with hot butter, mulled wine, eggnog.”

Gerwin is proud to start something new that is usually only launched in larger cities.

“It’s New York, it’s Denver, it’s LA, it’s San Francisco and now it’s Albuquerque and it’s about time,” she said.

Gerwin sees Nob Hill as a start.

“We really fall into our identity, we really own who we are, we’re kind of different from other bars, everyone has their own unique style,” she said. “Nob Hill is coming back in full force and it’s just another fun turn of events.”

From the frosted windows to the vacation T-Rex, they’re ready.

“As if they think they’re in Albuquerque but aren’t really sure they’re at the North Pole, as if I just want it to be an overwhelming experience of joy.”

Happy Accidents serves each drink in special Christmas glasses that you can buy yourself. 10% of these sales go to a non-profit organization called Seva, which works with communities around the world to develop programs that preserve and restore people’s sight.

The bar’s special menu starts on Friday and is only available for six weeks. Then it’s gone until next year when they plan to bring it back for the holidays.