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Here’s a preview of the New Mexico Artisan Market

It’s the time for New Mexicans to be thankful that they live in such an artistic state.

This Thanksgiving weekend marks the third edition of the New Mexico Artisan Market. Starting today, the three-day event will take place at the Hotel Albuquerque.

“What’s so special about being from New Mexico is all the art,” said Rebecca Tuccillo, executive director of the New Mexico Multi-Cultural Foundation. “We host a lot of people from a lot of different backgrounds.”

The New Mexico Multi-Cultural Foundation hosts the craft fair, and Tuccillo has been a part of the event since its inception in 2018. She has expanded her role from onsite manager to organizer and now oversees the application process, judge selection and vendor interaction.

“This year is the first year that I’ve been involved a lot in organizing the Christmas show,” she said.

An eclectic mix of artisans, including Acoma potters, Jemez sculptors and Taos painters, make up the 130 participating vendors.

There will be a mix of familiar faces and industry newcomers at the event. Albuquerque photographer Janet Maes Gagliano, silversmith Randy Montoya and woodworker Danny Hart are among the returning artists.

Some notable first-time visitors include mobile artist David Estes, Tuxberry & Whit owner Stephanie Domman, who works with paper and stationery, and contemporary jewelers Anik Malm of Anik Jewel and Doreen Garten of Jewelry by James.

Tuccillo said the state’s creativity is so well known that artists are moving to New Mexico to be part of the art scene, which broadens both the experience and background for the creative community.

“This is us here; It’s that kind of multicultural tissue,” Tuccillo said. “This event is just one of many ways we’re working to give her… her own representation.”

Tuccillo said about 200 artisans applied to participate in the market and the chosen ones were chosen through a jury process. The judges are different each year, expanding the range of creativity on display at the market.

“We’re really trying to select a good selection of professionals who work in the arts field and know what to look for,” Tuccillo said.

This year’s jury selected a range of artisans to complement the more traditional mediums. Ceramicists, metalworkers, textile artists, personal care products and fashion and home decor designers will be some of the many crafts on display.

“This market has established itself with a positive and wonderful reputation… for attracting artisans from all media and backgrounds,” Tuccillo said.

“Being able to offer such a large platform to accommodate so many people really provides an opportunity to show a really broad example of what it means to be from New Mexico and it to those people in the creative community to allow them to share their story, their craft and their experiences.”