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The Las Vegas attorney was relieved of his attorney

A Las Vegas attorney who previously worked as an assistant attorney general and who was the widow of a prominent defense attorney had his license to practice law revoked.

Gianna Orlandi has committed multiple violations of the rules that govern Nevada attorneys, according to a panel of six Supreme Court justices.

“Orlandi knowingly breached its responsibilities to its clients, the legal system and the profession,” the order, filed Tuesday, reads.

Orlandi was previously married to celebrity defense attorney James “Bucky” Buchanan of Las Vegas, who died in November 2009 after an accident involving his Ferrari following a medical episode, according to the Review-Journal archives. The pair were known in Las Vegas social circles for what the Review Journal called their “iconic charity events,” including their annual Toys for Tots holiday parties.

“He really cared about his customers,” Orlandi said of her late husband, describing him as larger than life shortly after his death. “Not all of them had a lot of money, but he gave each client the outstanding performance he would have given a million-dollar client. Nobody missed out.”

According to the jury, Orlandi customers were neglected. Specifically, it was noted that Orlandi had formed a law firm with a non-lawyer who “performed most of the legal work on the firm’s case,” the disbarment order said.

“Orlandi failed to supervise the attorney who posed as an attorney, met with clients and provided legal advice,” the order said.

She continued to bill the client for the non-lawyer’s work, although the client asked the non-lawyer to stop further work on the case, the order noted.

The order also detailed other violations, including one in which the non-attorney “proposed” to a client by offering to provide legal services “in exchange for an escort”.

According to the order, Orlandi did not respond to the amended complaint or the allegations made against her, resulting in a default judgment against her.

A website describing Orlandi’s law practices states that Orlandi is originally from the East Coast but was sworn to practice law in Nevada in 1993 on behalf of the people of the great state of Nevada.”

Orlandi has since worked in private industry, according to the website, practicing accident and injury law, contract, divorce and family law, criminal and real estate law.

Orlandi did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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