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Nevada Hires Vanessa Valentine as New Women’s Soccer Coach

Nevada has its next women’s soccer coach since Vanessa Valentine was named to the position, Nevada athletic director Stephanie Rempe announced Tuesday.

She was hired Monday night and made her first trip to Reno on Tuesday.

Valentine said Nevada could win and have the players in place to turn the corner in the program.

She met with the players on Tuesday.

“It was so great to see her hunger, her hunger to want more,” she said. “They are right there with me in terms of wanting to win.”

She said they can expect to work hard.

“Nothing in collegiate athletics is ever easy,” she said. “Especially in a conference like Mountain West, it’s a battlefield. Every single game will be a struggle. But if you look at these girls’ records over the past few years, they’re a goal away. … There has never been a blowout. “