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Husker’s offense has hit rock bottom

The soccer season in Nebraska is only a few days away from the end. Then the real fun begins. But before the attention of the entire Husker fan base turns to who the guy officially replacing Scott Frost will be, it’s important to start the post-mortem on what went wrong this season.

At the top of the list of what went wrong in Nebraska football, offense went from something people had real hope for to something that gave the Huskers almost no hope of winning games.

When Mark Whipple, Casey Thompson, Mickey Joseph, Trey Palmer, Anthony Grant and everyone else arrived at Lincoln, there was a thought that the Cornhuskers’ offense needed to carry the team. And that was absolutely right at the start of the season. Despite scoring a lot of points against Northwestern and Georgia Southern, the team lost…often. But as the season progressed, something strange happened. The offensive no longer worked. How ever. The highlight was the loss to Purdue. Abyss Deep hasn’t even had a word to cover it since.

The Nebraska football team scored 37 goals and lost to the Boilermakers, although Trey Palmer rushed for 237 yards. It’s almost as if the team forgot how to play offensively afterwards.

It’s not just that the Huskers haven’t scored more than 20 points in a game since Purdue. It’s not even like their cap has been 14 points in a game since that matchup.

As Twitter user Stewmanji As recently pointed out, Nebraska’s football offense was bad on all fronts.

Not only were the Huskers struggling to score, they were struggling to move the ball at all. They have averaged 195 yards per game over the past three weeks. And it’s not that they were good in one aspect and bad in another.

Neither the passing nor the rushing attack were good. The offensive battles have resulted in them being the last ones dead in FBS. The team they play against this week. The team so maligned offensively in Iowa has had a significantly better offensive tackle over the past three weeks. 80 yards a game better.

Some of that blame can certainly be attributed to Casey Thompson’s injury. Of course, we’ve seen other college teams lose their starting quarterback and still do well. Kansas had six wins despite missing Jalen Daniels for several weeks.

Minnesota beat the Huskers thanks to the play of their backup quarterback. Nebraska football hasn’t had to struggle as much as it has. It also had Casey Thompson back last week and still only managed 171 yards in total offense (well below his average).

The fact is, while the Nebraska soccer team came into 2022 with the expectation that their offense would be a strength, it turned out to be a weakness of the Big Ten. The next head coach should keep that in mind. It doesn’t matter who it is.