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Highlights of the Nebraska Farmers Union Convention Agenda Announced

Marriott Cornhusker Hotel, 333 South 13th Street, Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Lincoln, Nebraska. “Building rural communities since 1913” is the theme of the 109th Annual Nebraska Farmers Union (NeFU) State Convention. John Hansen, NeFU President, said: “We have an exciting program with 22 speakers covering a wide range of topics from the new water quality research by Dr. Jesse Bell, Dr. Address University of Nebraska’s Eleanor Rogan and Matt Sutton, Prospects for 2023 Farm Bill with NFU President Rob Larew and Government Relations Layla Soberanis, Status updates from USDA FSA Executive Director John Berge, USDA Director of Rural Development Kate Bolz, Nebraska Ethanol Board Executive Director Reid Wagner, Farm To Schools Coordinator Sarah Smith and a State Senator Panel including Senators Carol Blood, Tom Brandt, John Cavanaugh and John McCollister.”

Layla Soberanis, NFU Government Relations Officer, will report on NFU legislative matters on Friday noon, Bryce Anderson, retired DTN meteorologist, and Tom Giessel, NFU historian, will present the Friday evening banquet, and Rob Larew, NFU President, will hold lunch on Saturday noon.

Hansen noted, “In addition, we will establish our NeFU state policy, elect one member to our NeFU Foundation Board, two NeFU Boards of Directors, and three delegates to the National Farmers Union Convention. We look forward to meeting you in person again. There will be lots of handshakes and hugs.”

NeFU delegates will elect the Board of Directors for three-year terms from Districts 3 and 7. Mary Alice Corman is running for re-election in District 3 and Art Tanderup is running for re-election in District 7.

In addition to the electoral officers, three delegates and alternates to the National Farmers Union (NFU) Convention will be elected after lunch on Friday noon. NeFU Vice President Vern Jantzen will lead the 2022-2023 NeFU Policy Day, taking place on Thursday, December 1 at 10:00 am at the Marriott Cornhusker, as well as the policy adoption process on Saturday afternoon when delegates finalize the policy.

Hansen noted, “NeFU has helped build economically stronger rural communities since 1913, organizing hundreds of farmer-owned cooperatives, developing new profitable direct-to-customer markets for agricultural producers, and unlocking billions of dollars of economic value from biofuels, wind and renewable solar energy. Thanks to support from our sponsors, registration and catering costs are affordable to encourage member participation. Our members are the owners and builders of our organization. Convention is their chance to put their hands on our steering wheel to set the direction for the next year.”


Agenda for Friday morning, December 2, 2022

8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Registration

9:00 Call to Order: Congress coming to order, welcome, promise, prayer, past Congressional Proceedings

9:10 NeFU Foundation Reports and Elections – John Hansen, Secretary of the NeFU Foundation

9:20 NeFU Education Report – John Hansen

9:30 am Report from the Nebraska Rural Radio Association – Tim Marshall, CEO of the NRRA

9:45 Refreshment Break Sponsored By: Nebraska Rural Radio Association

10:15 USDA Rural Development Programs and Opportunities – Kate Bolz, State Director

10:45 USDA FSA Programs, Challenges and Opportunities – John Berge, State Executive Director

11:00 a.m. NeFU elections: Report by election chairman Ron Meyer

  • Presentation of the NeFU delegate candidates at the NFU Convention, 5.-7. March 2023, San Francisco, CA
  • Districts 3 and 7 caucuses for additional candidates
  • District president caucus to select their representative on the board of the NeFU Foundation

Friday midday agenda December 2, 2022

12:00 Lunch: Sponsored by Farmers Union Midwest Agency, LLP

  • Layla Soberanis, NFU Report on Government Relations

Friday afternoon, December 2, 2022

1:30 elections

  • Vote for the top six NFU Convention Delegates – Vote for 1, 2 or 3 candidates

(Top 3 vote collectors are delegates – next 3 are ranked alternates)

  • Election of District 3 Director (only District 3 delegates vote)
  • Election of District 7 Director (only District 7 delegates vote)

12:30 1:40 Poultry litter and stream health report from the NeFU Foundation

  • Matt Sutton, University of Nebraska, Omaha
  • Graham Christensen, President of GC Resolve

2:20 “Identifying, Quantifying, and Addressing Risks of Water Quality Contamination in Nebraska.”

  • dr Jesse Bell
  • dr Eleanor Rogan

3:15 NEBFARMPAC Report – Vern Jantzen, President

15:30 Refreshment break

15:30 Additional elections for NFU Convention delegates and alternates, if required

4:00 A preview of the 2023 Legislative Session

  • Senators Carol Blood, LD3, Tom Brandt, LD32, John Cavanaugh, LD9, and John McCollister, LD20

5:00 NEBFARMPAC Wine & Cheese Social – Arbor One

6:00 Banquet & Celebration

  • commemoration of the deceased
  • Presidential Award Winners: Bryce Anderson and Senator John McCollister
  • “Making sense out of extremes” – Bryce Anderson, retired senior meteorologist, DTN
  • “Building rural communities” – Tom Giessel, NFU historian

Saturday morning, December 3, 2022

8:30 am Report of the NeFU Vice President – ​​Vern Jantzen

8:45 am Nebraska Ethanol Board Report and Update – Reid Wagner, NE Ethanol Board Administrator

9:15 Farm-to-School Update – Sarah Smith, NE Division of Ed Farm-to-School Specialist

9:40 Farmers Union Midwest Agency Report – Jeff Downing, General Manager

10:00 Refreshment break

10:30 2023 Farm Bill Preview

  • Rob Larew, President of the National Farmers Union
  • Layla Soberanis, NFU Government Relations

11:30 am Lunch break and hotel check-in

Saturday noon, December 3, 2022

  • “Turning challenges into opportunities in times of change” – Rob Larew, President of NFU
  • “Building a Strong NeFU” – John Hansen, President of NeFU

Saturday afternoon, December 3, 2022

1:30 NeFU Financials – John Hansen & Morgan Vargas, NeFU Office Managers

1:45 Reflections on the NeFU Directive – Vern Jantzen, NeFU Vice President

3:15 NeFU President John Hansen, Summary of the NeFU President’s Assembly