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Eufaula man arrested in Nebraska, accused of stalking and assaulting woman – FOX23 News

LINCOLN, Nebraska — A 22-year-old Oklahoma man was arrested in Lincoln, Nebraska, after he was accused of assaulting a woman and trying to force her into a car.

An affidavit from the Lincoln Police Department (LPD) states that LPD was called around 2:20 am on November 19 for an assault at a bar and restaurant. LPD said they saw the victim sitting on a patio surrounded by a group of people. They also said the victim had blood in her mouth and was visibly shaking.

The victim, a 20-year-old woman, told police she walked to a nearby parking garage to get to her car. As she walked, she saw someone later identified as Shawn Young, age 22, of Eufaula, Oklahoma following her. She continued to the third flood of the garage, unlocked her car, a Ford Escape, and heard a noise behind her. She turned and saw Young behind her.

The victim said Young grabbed her arms and pushed her against the car. When she tried to scream, she put his fingers in her mouth. He then attacked her, still sticking his fingers in her mouth and pushing her head to the ground.

She also said Young tried to pull her into her car and only stopped after she bit the hand that was in her mouth.

After Young ran away, the victim said she contacted a group of people on the sidewalk.

LPD later found dust swirls and a smear on the victim’s car that matched their story.

The victim told police that Young was wearing a white hoodie, glasses and dark shorts.

While LPD questioned the victim, they said one of their officers found Young near the parking garage standing with a group of people in front of a Ford F150.

According to the LPD, Young was wearing gray shorts, a short-sleeved shirt and a broken silver necklace. They also said he had a scrape on his left knee and both hands were bleeding. Young told police he was attacked and “bitten” by a blonde girl.

Young was then taken into custody.

Police then took Young back to the bar and the victim was able to identify him as the man who assaulted her.

Police also spoke to a 23-year-old man who was part of the group the victim spoke to after the attack.

The man said the victim approached them and explained what was going on. The man and his friends checked the garage and found Young on the second floor. Young then climbed into the F150 and drove down the garage.

The man and his friends later found Young on the south side of the garage, sitting on the driver’s side of the F150 with his wallet on his lap.

The man said he reached through the truck’s open window, took the wallet and told Young to exit the truck, which Young did.

The man and his friends then waited with Young until police arrived.

LPD later reviewed surveillance in and around the garage, which showed Young wearing a white hoodie and following the victim down the sidewalk and up the garage’s stairs.

Surveillance video did not capture the attack, but the victim can be seen running down the garage. Young was also seen throwing the white sweatshirt down a flight of stairs, which police later recovered and found blood. Young was later seen driving down to the south side of the garage where he confronted the 23-year-old man.

The affidavit listed the following offenses for Young:

  • False Imprisonment – 1st Degree
  • Manipulate physical evidence
  • Attack – 3rd degree

The affidavit also said Young was being processed for a DUI.