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5-year-old calls 911 when Missouri mom goes into labor ” Missouri

LEE’S SUMMIT, Mo. – A Lee’s Summit mom gave birth to her baby at home, but it took teamwork.

She said she couldn’t have made it without her brave 5-year-old and the rescue workers who came to the rescue.

“I’m just grateful, and what a time to be grateful,” said mother Jalessa Young, “for the paramedics that came, the fire department that came, my son and then my husband that came.
I’m just grateful.”

Jalessa’s 5 year old name is King. He earns a crown after calling 911 when his mother went into labor at her home. It wasn’t enough time to get to the hospital, but King was a superhero throughout the confinement.

Then, two days before Thanksgiving, Prince Young made an unforgettable appearance in the world. Jalessa and Jared Young weren’t expecting him for another two weeks.

“All of a sudden my waters broke and my son comes into the room because my husband is at work and says, ‘Mom, I’ll call the ambulance.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, call the ambulance,'” Jalessa said.

Thanks to brave King, the paramedics from Lee’s Summit showed up just in time.

“Well, I took care of her,” King said.

Just 15 minutes after her water broke, Jalessa had a new baby.

“My wife, man, she’s a soldier,” Papa Jared said. “She had the baby in the house. It was amazing. I was just very surprised. She was shocked. We were all impressed.”

King had the operator on one line and his father on the other. He opened the door for emergency workers, laid out towels and made sure mom was as comfortable as possible without being in the hospital with expected medication.

“He really stepped in and was Mom’s superhero,” Young said, “to make sure his little brother is here and that Mom is safe.”

“I feel fantastic,” King said.

Jared said King is already winning the crown for best big brother.

“I was super, damn proud of my son,” Jared said. “He did an excellent job.”

King and Prince had to become best friends, but that cemented the deal. King can’t wait for mom to bring his little brother home.

“He’s going to play with me,” King said.

King and his family hope to reunite with the paramedics and firefighters once mom and baby are discharged from the hospital and ready.