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MLB World is responding to the Minnesota Twins’ reported interest in signing Xander Bogaerts should Carlos Correa go free > Minnesota

The Minnesota Twins are waiting to find out if Carlos Correa will re-sign for the 2023 season. If he decides to leave Minnesota, the twins have a contingency plan to sign another All-Star shortstop. The reported plan sees the twins pursuing former Boston Red Sox star Xander Bogaerts. Bogaerts is coming off a career year. He had a .307 batting average with 15 home runs.

Going from all-star shortstop to all-star shortstop is obviously the ideal situation for any team. It wouldn’t be easy to pull off, but it shows the twins’ commitment to fielding a winning team. They may not be quite ready to fight for a world championship, but this is a step in the right direction.

Red Sox reporter Christian Smith shared this account of Xander Bogaerts via Twitter.

Xander Bogaerts rumors: Red Sox free agent is the twins’ ‘backup plan’ if they fail to re-sign Carlos Correa (report)…

The Minnesota Twins will certainly do whatever they can to lure him in, but many fans believe it would be a tough sell. The Twins have not won a championship since 1991 and are not known for being a premier MLB city, which is quite unlike Xander Bogaerts’ former city of Boston, which is steeped in baseball history.

@The score 🤣 Nobody wants to play in Minnesota.

I can’t imagine him wanting to play there… later in your career you want to win… Correa wants to give up a postseason run.…

Boston Red Sox fans obviously don’t want to see their star shortstop play anywhere else. Bogaerts has become a fan favorite over the past 10 years and his All-Star level play has made him a leader. If the Minnesota Twins can sign him, he will be an incredible asset and potentially the face of their franchise.

@SmittyOnMLB He plays for either the highest bidder or his hometown

Some Boston Red Sox fans see this as an opportunity for their team to consider Correa’s signing. They currently have a hole at shortstop without Bogaerts and unless they can re-sign him they will have to look elsewhere. They could certainly do a lot worse than two-time All-Star Carlos Correa.

The Minnesota Twins might lose their top player to a free hand, but at least they have a contingency plan in place.

What are the Minnesota Twins’ expectations for the 2023 season?

Cleveland Guardians vs. Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Guardians vs. Minnesota Twins

The Twins are an interesting midfield team in MLB, but they can do more than that. It wouldn’t be surprising if they were fighting for a playoff spot, especially given the state of American League Central. With all due respect to the Cleveland Guardians, it’s a very winnable division.

If the twins lose Correa but replace him with Xander Bogaerts, they could be even better in 2023.

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