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Sports betting in Louisiana hits a record $255.5 million in October

It was a mixed bag of results for Louisiana’s sportsbook and casino operators in October. The former reported a 23.1% month-on-month increase, while the latter saw a slight decline over the past month compared to September.

Sportsbook in Louisiana took $255,528,321 in bets for the 10th month of the year, up from $207,501,595 in the September Louisiana Sportsbook report. That was a record for the state, which introduced mobile sports betting in January.

The old one-month sports betting mark in Bayou State was $238.4 million in February, the first full month of online sports betting options.

Operators also saw the retail price increase by 15.8%, from $31,522,111 in September to $36,487,715 in October.

As for other revenue figures, sports betting in Louisiana saw betting revenue decline 5.2% mom (from $31,894,674 in September to $30,243,842 in October), while betting taxes fell 11.2% mom from $3,870,435 to $3,870,435 increased to $4,305,414.

Physical casino revenue fell 3.8% compared to December in a state where regulated iGaming such as online roulette, slots and card games are not available.

Sports Betting in Louisiana, October vs. September

Month total grip Mobile handle revenue
October $255.528 million $219.041M $30.244M
September $207.502 million $175.979 million $31.895 million
change 23.1% increase 24.5% increase down 5.2%

What you should know about the October Louisiana report

So far, Louisiana’s October sportsbook handle ranks seventh out of 19 markets that have reported their betting data for the month.

The Pelican State so far ranks behind New York ($1.555 billion), New Jersey ($1.060 billion), Pennsylvania ($797.124 million), Michigan ($504.336 million), Indiana ($446.248 million) and Tennessee ($405.337 million). . Louisiana sportsbook ended October ahead of industry giants like Iowa ($238.788 million) and the newest state with live online sports betting, Kansas ($189.919 million).

The state’s sports betting scene should only soar from here as the Saints near the final part of their NFL betting season. The LSU Tigers are also of great interest in Bayou State, preparing for football’s SEC championship game against Georgia and perhaps a shot at the college football playoffs.

Casinos in Louisiana fall easy in October

Louisiana retail casinos weren’t quite as lucky as their sportsbook brethren in October, as revenue fell 3.8% mom.

Six states have the best online casino options but not Louisiana.

Overall, casinos in Louisiana generated $241,998,013 in October revenue, down from the $251,539,110 the establishments reported in September.

The October drop is the sixth month-on-month drop for facilities in 2022, with February (up 5.7% from January), March (up 12.8% from February), July (up 2.2% from June) and September (up 3.2% from August) are the outliers so far. The state’s physical casinos, racetracks, and video slots are the best non-sports options without mobile casinos being legal in Louisiana.

In October, the establishments earned $130,990,774 from riverboat casinos, $62,967,456 from video games, $25,695,488 from Racinos and another $22,344,295 from land casinos, reported the Louisiana Gaming Control Board.

As we enter the home stretch of the 2022 calendar, Louisiana sportsbook and casino operators will be on the lookout for varied returns – with the former hoping to capitalize on their recent winning streak, while the latter attempting to put the ship back on track after a slump.

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