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Poems by David Skiles, Pratt County, Kansas: – Pratt Tribune ” Kansas

💵I didn’t write them for the money💰

I never wrote them for the money!

I wrote them just for fun!

I always just wrote them down!

I never sang them to anyone!

I wrote a few for my mother

I wrote bundles for my wife!

They were always written for others

From just stories of my life!

One day I’ll stop writing

I put down my book and pen!

The preacher will say a few words about me

That could be some of them!

He never wrote her down for money

He always wrote them just for fun!

Always they were only a written

Just share with everyone!

So if you like my writing,

And if my words sound true!

I always want to share my Lord!

So I wrote them all for you!

But I never wrote them down for money

I always wrote them just for fun!

It’s the way I share my life

So you can give something to everyone!

I never wrote them for the money

I never wrote them down for fame!

I always just wrote them down

Just to share my savior’s name!

.dbs. 4.11.2022

The lens I see through!🤓

Some people must think I’m crazy

‘Cause I’ll write a line or two!

But this is how I tell my story

It’s the lens I see through!

I’ve gone down many miles

On the path that was my lot:

But I keep my smile

How long I move at a trot!

I love the beauty of the rose

And despises the curse of thorns!

But the scent of the rose

Is still loved instead of despised!

While you giggle at my quirks

If you listen to my story!

Could it be a balm for hurts

It’s the lens I see through!

So be patient with me friends

As we journey towards the end!

So keep that smile on your face

And don’t slow down!

Keep an eye on the Lord!

This is the lens I see through!

.dbs. 4.11.2022


When the morning sun begins to color the eastern sky,

We slowly raise an eyebrow and wonder why?

This restful slumber is drawing to a close,

When we mix our sleep and our dreams!

We rattle out of our bed and stumble down the hall!

Try to wake up and answer the call of nature!

To the kitchen so we don’t end up in a stew

With pot and soil we make the morning brew!

The scent it starts will raise that other brow,

Our nose will twitch, this will drive us insane!

Now as I brew this nectar from the pot,

I take a sip while sorting my thoughts!

The tests of that day will come to try our souls to win!

So I’ll start my day before my Lord, my friend!

I will seek his face if I am to win these trials!

And in my hand I have my favorite morning mix!

.dbs. 11-9-2022


Oh why oh why is that wall standing there?

All alone in the village square;

and why those names on the wall? Do we know her? who are they all It makes me think, it makes me wonder;

what does that mean? What was her job?

All fought, some died for me and you,

still defending red white and blue!

This commemoration has a celebratory theme!

Of freedom and her priceless dream.

When I’m old I’ll remember

the sacrifice of these dear men?

What does it mean a storage disk?

From a fallen one, big or small. This is a reminder of a priceless sum! From a battle fought a victory has been won!

Is all it means, a rare memory

when we look at the wall standing there?

Or was a higher price paid once?

or a sacrifice laid on an altar?

When I look, I see him hanging on the cross in deep despair!

Nobody can find a bigger name!

None whose mercy was so kind!

For my wretched soul in my sinful condition,

No sacrifice could be so great!

Now when I look and see in memory!

I remember that Christ died for me!

so now i want to ask you!

Will you also be forgiven?

So the next time you see a memory wall, you can share his love with everyone!

dbs. 9/26/2010

A special thank you and tribute to our entire military today!


In honor of her birthday Sunday!

🌹Love is still in our hearts today, 🌹

❤️ Tammy! ❤️

Driving through the hills this week Tammy

And looked down the path

While I sat at the same chapel door, Tammy,

Where I first saw you years ago!

Long gone are the days when we met Tammy

And the time we gathered to pray

The water’s still flowing through the hills Tammy

Just like yesterday with us!

The words you wrote I still keep Tammy

Though the ink has faded greatly over the years,

And your pillow is still on my bed Tammy

Although it contains so many tears!

There’s gray in my hair as it fades Tammy

And my step is slower today

When it was many years ago Tammy

Even if you were taken away!

Our kids still love you so sweet Tammy

Every day they miss you more

The Savior you taught them to love, Tammy

Until we meet on God’s golden shore!

.dbs. 7-8-2022

???When you are at a loss for words????

When I long to write and can’t find a word

And in my eyes it cannot be heard!

Where can I go to fill this gap?

To fill my soul’s longing;

Search me, O God, said the psalmist;

And clean the thoughts in my head!

Oh, may the Word of God above,

Fill my heart and he will prove it;

that his word may light the way,

To guide me through the darkest of days!

Now if I stumble and fall

He picks me up like I’m calling him!

As I travel this rocky road

And grumble at my burden;

I ask oh lord how can it be

That you can love someone like me?

And run to give me your hug

And pull me up and kiss my face!

As I bow and hide my eye

how can you love me is my cry

So when I’m at a loss for words

Lord, lead me back to this cross!

leave my words and leave my request,

Be, O Lord, that others see!

The Christ who bore our sins and died,

To bring us safely to his father’s side!

.dbs. 14.11.2022