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Tyrese Haliburton and Indiana Pacers serve Thanksgiving to locals in need

On Tuesday night, Tyrese Haliburton and the Indiana Pacers officially welcomed hundreds of locals from shelters in the Indianapolis area to Gainbridge Fieldhouse for the annual Come To Our House event to improve the lives and vacations of Hoosiers in need.

Tyrese Haliburton, along with almost everyone else on the list, came out to support local people and families in need by serving a hot Thanksgiving meal. The event has been going on for over two decades and is traditionally hosted by one of the Pacers players, this year Tyrese Haliburton.

Over the years, many others associated with the Pacers, including former players, media, coaches and executives, have supported the event. It’s quickly becoming a staple of the holiday season in the Indianapolis area.

When Tyrese first joined the Pacers, he seemed to emphasize that he cared deeply about the local community in Sacramento. In an article he wrote for the Players Tribune, Haliburton spoke about how painful it was to leave a place where he was starting to really connect.

Haliburton seems to have a genuine interest in not only playing at a high level on the court, which he certainly is, but also in giving back to the wider community. Something important to gain the loyalty and love of little Midwestern Pacer fans across the country.

But what is another loss for the team is a win for the larger Indianapolis community. Haliburton has already demonstrated a willingness to give back to the community in a variety of ways. An example would be a training camp that Tyrese and Mathurin hosted for Indiana kids in September.

Other Pacers’ players are also giving back, with a variety of camps, personal organizations and charity events held throughout the year in Indianapolis. What’s really special about Tyrese is how quickly he integrated his community work in and around Indianapolis and how much priority he seems to place on its importance.

I think all Pacers fans hope Tyrese Haliburton stays here and it seems Haliburton hopes to make an impact on the local community while he’s here.

If Haliburton continues to play the way he’s been playing lately, I think fans will be committed and determined to ensure the Pacers keep him for the long term.