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Indiana Pacers serve Thanksgiving dinner

INDIANAPOLIS – Two moments stand out. Well no. That’s ridiculous. Much more than two moments stand out from the most beautiful evening of a wonderful week here in Indianapolis, the Indiana Pacers 25th Annual “Come to Our House” Season of Giving Dinner at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse, where the franchise opens its doors to 600 of ours most vulnerable neighbors, people affected by homelessness, to serve them a hot Thanksgiving meal.

That was Tuesday. Two moments stand out, and by that I mean two hundred moments. Two thousand moments.

But let’s start with two. Otherwise it’s just too much. Too overwhelming, this sea of ​​people getting off buses, traffic on Delaware Street halted as mothers and fathers and children and babies exited those buses for the Fieldhouse’s front pavilion. Tables await, more than 50, surrounded by chairs that were empty minutes ago and are now full of people of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds.