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Hammond, Indiana loves Christmas stories almost more than Cleveland — here’s why

The holiday classic from 1983 a Christmas Story is at the top of many people’s list of favorite films. It is played non-stop during the holiday season. I think we all remember the one line that’s repeated throughout the movie when Ralphie said he wanted a BB gun for Christmas: “You’re going to blow your eye out.”

The film was shot in Cleveland, Ohio and the house was restored to look like it did in the film. Visitors can tour the house and stay overnight. But this isn’t the only place where fans of the film can relive some of their fondest memories from the film. In Hammond, Indiana, the “A Christmas Story Goes Home” exhibit is on view in mid-November and December.

Wax figure of Ralphie from A Christmas Story dressed as a cowboy

A Christmas Story Exhibit: Ralphie is dressed as a cowboy

Credit: Bisa Myles

Why does Hammond, Indiana love a Christmas story almost more than Cleveland?

Jean Shepherd, co-writer of the film and voice of Ralphie, grew up in Hammond, Indiana. The northwest Indiana city is just outside of Chicago, Illinois. Although the film was shot in Cleveland, the story takes place in the fictional town of Hohman, Indiana, which is named after one of Hammond’s busiest streets. a Christmas Story based on a few stories from Shepherd’s autobiographical novel In God we trust: Everyone else pays in cash. A Hammond Community Center has been named in his honor in honor of the writer and comedian.

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Display of the playground from A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story Exhibition: Flick’s Tongue and the Triple Dog Task

Credit: Bisa Myles

A Christmas Story Goes Home Exhibition

The “A Christmas Story Goes Home” exhibit is on display at the Indiana Welcome Center on Kennedy Avenue near the I-80 exit. It features six animatronic window displays from Macy’s department store in New York, first exhibited in 2003, and features some of the most famous scenes from the film, including Santa pushing Ralphie down the slide. Televisions are set up next to each display and the music is played on them christmas story scene it depicts.

This event is ideal for families of all ages. There’s a Santa Claus workshop on-site, and you can take home your own leg lamp and other movie memorabilia from the gift shop. The Indiana Welcome Center also hosts a Christmas tree contest featuring trees decorated by local businesses, and you can vote for your favorite.

State of a boy from A Christmas Story with tongue on flagpole

A Christmas Story Exhibit: A statue of a boy’s tongue stuck to a pole

Credit: Bisa Myles

There is ample parking available at the Indiana Welcome Center. No appointment or tickets are required to visit the exhibition. At the entrance to the building stands a statue of the character Flick after Schwartz challenged him with triple dog to touch his tongue to a frozen metal flagpole. The bylaws are available year-round. The Welcome Center is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

For more information, hours of operation and a calendar of events for the Indiana Welcome Center, visit the South Shore Conventions & Visitors Authority website.

Pro Tip: To avoid the crowds, visit after Christmas, when Santa has returned to the North Pole.