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‘Please Add Zatanna In Constantine 2’: Fans Demand DC’s Sultry Sorceress Make Her Live-Action Movie Debut Alongside Keanu Reeves

Zatanna Zatara is a sorceress who has featured many times in the DC animated universe, but perhaps it’s high time she made her live-action debut. Constantine 2 is currently in the works, with Keanu Reeves returning as the Warlock. It’s been years since the actor took up the trench coat and exorcised some demons, and fans have been awaiting the upcoming sequel with growing excitement. Although the first film didn’t do as well, the second is said to have more creative control, including a possible hard R rating for the film.

Zatanna Zatara
Zatanna Zatara in Young Justice

Akiva Goldsman worked extremely hard on this film, bringing forth ideas that were only fragments in one’s mind at one point. He previously explained that the film wanted to achieve so much but couldn’t because the studio was against it. This could very well include Zatanna Zatara, the sorceress who is also John Constantine’s love interest.

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Who is Zatanna Zatara, Lady of Magic?

Zatanna Zatara

The daughter of Giovanni “John” Zatara, Zatanna went from being a stage illusionist to a member of the Justice League Dark. She is an expert in fighting dark magical creatures with her magic and sorcery. She is also the love interest of John Constantine, who met her while she was studying at her former boyfriend’s house. Due to the Sorceress’ evil deeds, she then became part of the Justice League Dark.

Zatanna Zatara in the comics

Zatanna is extremely fluent in her spells, allowing her to recite them backwards. She can even control elements and explode objects at will. She is also a master of teleportation and divisibility, and has the power to heal people and herself. All of these abilities also allow her to fly and control time. This makes her quite one of the strongest characters to ever be a part of DC, so it might indeed be interesting to see her as a part of the film.

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Fans are asking for Zatanna Zatara to be part of Constantine 2

Having Zatanna Zatara in Constantine 2 alongside Keanu Reeves could be very interesting given the dynamic that could potentially turn between her and John Constantine. It could also affect the level of performance that fans might see in the upcoming film.

However, it’s still a conflict among fans as some want her to be there while others want her to be part of the DC Universe rather than being part of a potential standalone film. They even want Matt Ryan to reprise his role alongside the character to give them more depth.

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