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Justice League’s version of Iron Man is wasted by DC

Human Target #8 features Justice League International’s Rocket Red and makes a good case for him being an underused Iron Man.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Human Target #8!The DC Universe has its own iron manand the justice league might be doing itself a great disservice by ignoring him. Human Goal #8 shows how Rocket Red’s technological prowess and keen detective skills put him on the same level as Tony Stark.

When fans think of the Justice League, they can get an idea of ​​the seven founding members, give or take a hero depending on continuity. But the truth is that the Justice League is the most extensive collection of heroes in the DCU, which has accepted a range of heroes with different abilities. The Justice League has had heroes who are experts in magic or engineering, heroes from the distant past and future, and even literal angels of the team. To counter the strongest threats to their universe, the team examines what its members can do and how they can help with the overall mission of the League.


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With that in mind, the league should seriously consider how much a member will waste just sitting on the sidelines. in the Human Goal #8 by Tom King and Greg Smallwood, titular detective Christopher Chance is kidnapped by Justice League International member Dmitry Pushkin, aka Rocket Red. Rocket Red suspects that Chance may have something to do with Guy Gardner’s recent disappearance, which is true since Chance and his fellow JLI Ice Gardner had killed two days earlier. Dmitri spends the day interrogating Chance using every conceivable method, such as shooting Christopher with guns and dropping him miles above ground. After nothing seems to work, Rocket Red levels with Chance and says that with his homemade armor, Dmitri can detect the Green Lantern’s energy on Christopher and the hero begins to piece the story together.

Why Rocket Red is the Iron Man of the Justice League

Rocket Red Human Target DC Comics

A character who has built his own hi-tech armor that has a keen flair for solving puzzles certainly sounds a lot like Iron Man. Like Dmitri, Tony Stark engineered his own armor, and his genius has helped the Avengers solve more than one baffling case. Unfortunately for Rocket Red, he never really held the same importance in the league as Iron Man did in the Avengers. Dmitiri was mostly associated only with the international iteration of the league. But this moment suggests Red deserves another chance at the big leagues.

Sure, most of the technical aspects of the league can be taken over by other super geniuses and tech wizards like Superman’s successor, Steel. But there is something to be said for someone who not only knows sophisticated technology but also has keen deduction skills. It’s the sort of thing that made Tony Stark a valuable resource for the Avengers. Rocket Red clearly has skills and will only waste it in his sporadic appearances. There’s little doubt that Dmitri could easily prove he is Justice League Iron Man when his actions in Human Goal #8available immediately, are anything but to be expected.

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