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DC officially pinpoints its smartest character in one sentence

DC fans have long debated who is the smartest person in the iconic universe, but the dispute is settled with a candid admission.

In which DC comics Universe, there has been a lot of debate as to whether the smartest person alive is Batman or Lex Luthor. While fan-favorite hero Mister Terrific is widely known as the third smartest man alive, there is usually a lot of controversy surrounding the candidates for the top two spots on the list. And more often than not, these debates see Bruce and Lex as the most likely options.

While the intelligence of both characters can’t be overstated, it’s debatable which of DC Comics’ most eccentric billionaires really is the smartest. Batman is considered the world’s greatest detective, but Lex’s scientific acumen is unparalleled and has regularly threatened even Superman himself. But thanks DCeased #5Your fans know who the smartest person in the world really is.


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DCeased #5 (by Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine) finds the surviving members of the Justice League and their allies in dire straits. After the Anti-Life Equation ravages Earth, those tasked with picking up the pieces debate how best to salvage what remains of humanity, while Lex Luthor designs an interstellar ark to transport millions of people off the planet guard. When Superman argues against Lex’s plan, the Man of Steel’s old enemy begins to proclaim himself the smartest man alive before pausing to confirm Batman’s demise. When Cyborg confirms the Caped Crusader’s death, Lex says, “Right. Then I’m the smartest person on the planet and I’m telling you, the world is over. It’s inevitable.”

Even Lex admits Batman is smarter

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Many have argued that even before this revelation, Batman is the smartest man alive. Trained from an early age to represent the pinnacle of human potential, Bruce Wayne has a world-class intellect that he uses to create all sorts of fantastic bat gadgets, unleashing myriad schemes from some of DC’s greatest villains along the way to thwart comics. It makes perfect sense that he’s one of, if not the, smartest man on the planet. Batman has proven his genius many times, but even Lex Luthor admits it, then there’s no doubt.

Batman is the smartest in every continuity

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DCeased may not necessarily be in the traditional continuity of DC Comics, but even in its main universe, Lex Luthor and Batman are confirmed by Ozymandias as the two smartest men alive doomsday clock Miniseries by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. Continuity notwithstanding, if two of the brightest men in comics history think Batman is at least intellectually equal, if not better, it’s clear he’s earned his status as DC Comics’ smartest man.

Batman and Lex Luthor have a lot in common. From childhood trauma and priceless wealth to an obsessive dedication to their missions and the intelligence to match, Superman’s greatest enemy is arguably the Dark Knight’s mirror opposite. It may have taken Bruce Wayne’s death for Lex to comfortably admit it, but Batman does DC comics‘ smartest man, even according to the person who has most reason to argue otherwise.

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