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DC just pointed out that a superhero’s name doesn’t make sense

DC Comics just pointed out that a superhero hero’s codename doesn’t make much sense, especially given his lack of powers in the DC Universe

Warning! Spoilers for Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 by DC Comics

DC Comics admits that a new hero, the Red Canary, has a codename that doesn’t really make sense. in the Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1, Robin calls out the hero because he has a name that is in no way related to her powers. While Red Canary is a legacy hero from DC’s Black Canary, her take on the title, while not having a Canary Cry, doesn’t exactly match the heroine or her abilities.


Code names are a crucial part of being a hero, as they not only serve to disguise a secret identity, but can also instill fear or inspire people in the universe. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman all have some great nicknames in the DC Universe. However, characters like Ice believe their names are the worst, as those who choose simplicity have led to some less than inspired results. For DC’s new Red Canary, however, DC just called out the hero’s name because it doesn’t make any sense.

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in the Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 From Mark Waid, Delilah S. Dawson, Dennis Culver, Freddie E. Williams II, Jack Herbert, Adriano Lucas, and Troy Peteri from DC Comics, the new Red Canary joins the heroes in the quest to reach the Heroes’ House prevent that the Dark Army is taking over the multiverse. When the heroine, who appears to have no powers and uses stolen high-tech escrima sticks as weapons, tells Robin her name, he points out that “canaries can actually fly,” which is something the Red Canary does can not do. Still, Red Canary admits she’s “working on it.”

Red Canary’s name might not make sense, but she’s a hero

Red Canary name doesn't make sense

While Black Canary’s “Canary Cry” powers associate her with her nickname, and the film’s heroine takes up the name in part because she’s a singer at a club, Red Canary has none of those connections that would warrant her being associated with the Canary picks up name. Ultimately, she just wants to be a good force in the DC Universe and help out in whatever way she can. With her martial arts training and positivity, she’s well on her way to becoming a hero, even if DC admits her name doesn’t make sense.

It’s possible Red Canary will gain powers or a backstory that will make her name make sense in the DC Universe. But until that happens, Robin’s admission of her superhero codename doesn’t quite make sense, it’s the truth. However, the Red Canary has plenty of time to get it working. Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1 by DC Comics is now available in comic book stores.

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