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Japanese investigators raid Dentsu to expand Olympia investigation

TOKYO (AP) – Japanese prosecutors raided the headquarters of major advertising firm Dentsu on Friday as investigations into corruption linked to the Tokyo Olympics expanded.

Major local TV stations showed Tokyo District Attorneys and officials from the Japan Fair Trade Commission entering Dentsu’s headquarters.

Dentsu dominates event organization, marketing and public relations in Japan. It helped win the 2020 Games for Tokyo and then set record domestic sponsorships.

Haruyuki Takahashi, a former executive at Dentsu, has been arrested four times in recent months on charges of receiving bribes from various companies that became sponsors of the games.

According to Japanese media reports, the latest investigation focuses on bid-fixing for companies to be selected to work at testing events. Test events began in 2018 and included various sports such as sailing and weightlifting in preparation for the Olympics. Test event selection is critical to being selected for actual Olympic venues.