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Connecticut must continue to feed all children in school

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it’s one of the healthiest days of the year: so many of us are cooking, eating and spending quality time with loved ones. But it is also a day when the injustices in our society become all too clear: there are those who have to eat and there are those who are starving. Hunger doesn’t make a holiday.

Currently in Connecticut, one in ten residents and one in eight children fall into the latter category. In our respective professions, we all see these struggles firsthand every day, not just on Thanksgiving. For the first two years of the pandemic, children in the Connecticut public school system received consistent breakfast and lunch at school to help mitigate the economic and social impact of COVID-19 from our local, state, and federal governments. So many children, including those on the verge of qualifying for free or discounted lunches, would have fallen through the cracks over the past two years had it not been for this emergency aid.