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Connecticut man wanted for gruesome murder, dismemberment of young daughter – FOX13 News Memphis

NAUGATUCK, Connecticut — Connecticut police officers responding to a 911 call Friday morning discovered the dismembered body of a little girl, and the girl’s father is wanted in her killing.

FBI agents and Connecticut State Police officers are assisting Naugatuck Police Department investigators in their search for 31-year-old Christopher Francisquini, who is charged with first-degree murder in the murder of his daughter, Camilla Francisquini.

Camilla was 11 months old. She would have been one year old on December 2nd.

The FBI has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Christopher Francisquini.

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Francisquini, a convicted felon, was on special probation at the time of the murder. His status stemmed from an assault conviction in 2012, for which he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

He was also under house arrest on pending criminal charges and was being monitored by a GPS ankle monitor. Four days before the murder, a judge granted Francisquini a break from house arrest for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the New Haven Register reported.

Naugatuck Police Chief Colin McAllister said during a news conference Monday that the child’s murder is one of the most difficult and difficult cases investigators have dealt with in their careers.

“It’s something that tears at the very fabric of our community, to lose someone so young who hasn’t even had a chance to start life,” McAllister said.

Watch Monday’s press conference below.

David Sundberg, Special Agent for the FBI’s New Haven Field Office, offered his condolences to Camilla’s mother and extended family.

“We have worked with the Naugatuck PD and the Connecticut State Police and all of their local and state partners to try to stop this crime and bring it to justice,” Sundberg said.

Naugatuck police officials said a family member called 911 around 11:30 a.m. Friday to report a death. When officers arrived at the Millville Avenue home, they found Camilla’s body.

Based on the condition of the girl’s remains, McAllister said detectives could “conclusively rule out that it was an accident.”

“It was a premeditated act,” McAllister said Monday.

An autopsy revealed the girl had been strangled and stabbed before her body was dismembered, the Hartford Courant reported.

McAllister said Francisquini and the girl’s mother got into an argument at an undisclosed location in Waterbury on Friday morning, after which Francisquini turned off his ankle monitor and destroyed his cellphone. Francisquini then drove away in a gray 2006 Chevrolet Impala, which was found abandoned at Exit 8 of Interstate 91 that evening.

Detectives determined that Camilla was already dead at the time of the argument, although her mother was unaware of the murder. McAllister declined to say Monday whether the girl’s mother was the family member who found her body.

The motive for the killing is unclear, the boss said.

“It’s a question we all struggle with,” he said. “Who would do that, especially their own child?”

Francisquini remained at large on Tuesday. Witnesses told police they saw a man matching Francisquini’s description running into the nearby woods around the time the Impala was abandoned.

A man matching his description was also seen walking along Quinnipiac Avenue in New Haven around 4 p.m. Friday. Police released security images of the man in hopes it would prompt people to come forward.

“We again appeal to the public to try to investigate this and if you see anything, if you know anything, if you think there is even a remote chance that you have seen Francisquini to contact law enforcement immediately.” , McAllister said .

The boss told the public that anyone who helps Francisquini evade arrest is in danger.

“You’re not safe,” McAllister warned.

The fugitive, who has ties to Naugatuck, New Haven and Waterbury, was on parole when he was arrested again in November 2021 following an alleged carjacking at Veterans Affairs Hospital in West Haven.

Other charges at the time included burglary, breach of the peace, theft and assault.

The day after his arrest in the carjacking case, Francisquini was accused of trying to escape from prison. According to the police, he is said to have attacked a correctional officer during the attempt.

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Fox 61 in Hartford reported that after the re-arrest, Francisquini was asked to complete his 2010 sentence. His sentence ended June 20, and he was released the following week after posting bail in the auto theft case.

Francisquini’s special parole was scheduled to end in 2032. At the time of Friday’s murder, he was at large with combined bonds totaling $375,000.

Authorities told the register that Francisquini is being closely monitored and has been complying with the court’s requirements since last week.

If found, Francisquini will be posted on the murder charge in lieu of $5 million bail.

“My message to Francisquini is to come forward immediately,” McAllister said Monday. “We will not rest until we have taken you into custody. We will make every effort to locate, arrest and bring this suspect to justice. This is an unscrupulous act. It is a heinous crime.”

The chief reiterated that the FBI was part of the investigation.

“If you attempt to flee or evade law enforcement outside Connecticut jurisdiction, we will arrest you,” McAllister said.

Francisquini is described as a Hispanic male who is 6 feet tall and weighs about 230 pounds. He is considered armed and dangerous.

Anyone with current and/or recent whereabouts information is asked to contact the Naugatuck Police Department at 203-729-5221 or the confidential investigator hotline at 203-720-1010.