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Sun Devil Men’s Basketball vs. Grambling State Postgame Quotes – Arizona

Arizona State head coach Bobby Hurley

Opening statement:
I thought our defense was very, very strong again and we need to clean up the rebounds a bit, but I’m happy with 21 assists and 25 field goals. That shows altruism and the guys moving the ball.”

Since tonight is a statement game:
“I think we were more dominant. We’re one rebound away from going unbeaten and the way we’ve been winning lately shows there’s a lot of potential in this group. It’s exciting and hopefully we can continue to build that trust.”

On what’s been going on on offense:
“Frankie really wants to find his teammates and he’s great at finding guys. Six assists I think at halftime. We cut the ball well, we had good off-ball movement and Devon Cambridge a few times, DJ Horne had a nice back cut in the second half. And then it was good to see Warren getting some touches and being productive. There you could take further steps in your offense if you can play through it and play a bit more inside out.

On the status of Marcus Bagley:
“I’ve had some really good games and the lads are playing well and our perimeter are playing at a really high level and I didn’t want to disrupt anything tonight.”

About Enoch’s return on Sunday:
“Enoch is working through an illness and as a result missed those games in New York. We assume that he will be back in training on Friday. The boys have the next 48 hours to get to their families. We haven’t usually had this opportunity in the past, so we’ll get back to work on Friday.”

On the dynamics of the game in Michigan, which poses a problem tonight:
“We’re playing these teams like Tarlenton State, who’ve been playing really hard. Texas Southern played hard. We knew we had to be ready to play or they might embarrass you with their efforts and we certainly didn’t want to get into that kind of situation. So we discussed a lot, we pointed out to the guys that they had a high double-digit lead against Colorado and had already beaten a Pac-12 school, so they had our full attention.”

On the depth and ability to have a strong lineup:
“I was kind of consistent with saying that. I think the last two years haven’t been 100% excuses, plus we’ve been distracted with injuries for two years. So when you make a roster you say that can’t happen again so we make sure we can handle not having one or two guys because there are several guys who can help us. I think it encourages a real competitive environment where guys need to be productive if they’re going to expand their role and earn their minutes. Nothing will be handed to you. I think that’s positive for our squad.”

About Jamiya Neal’s first game as Sun Devil:
“I’m happy for Jamiya. It’s unfortunate to be missing the timing of his injury and all the time so I wanted to watch his minutes. But he’ll improve our defense and we’re already playing pretty good defence. Even he just said to me it felt different and not like exercise. It’s his first game but I think he will continue to grow and develop.”

Arizona State Guard DJ Horne:

About the big win and tonight with momentum:
“I think that win in Brooklyn was very big for us, it was definitely an eye opener for our team to how good we can be when we all really play. I think it’s been good for us, we’re definitely going to look at that and it’s going to catapult us for the rest of our season. As for the turnaround, we enjoyed the win while we were there and when we came back we still enjoyed it but we knew there was another game coming up so we knew we had to go back to Earth to to prepare for this one.”

Which led to more offensive successes:
“I think so, and we have a new team again. Guys trying to feel out in a jersey and I think it’s starting to come out now. I don’t really think we even looked at how good we could look offensively. The way we’ve done it now and accumulated good wins and good games as a team, I think we’re going to keep getting better.”

When splitting the ball equal to 21 assists:
“Boys share the candy man. It’s fun to see when everyone out there is smiling. I have the feeling that we have valued that. Everyone plays as a team, if everyone does, everyone eats.”

About Frankie Collins and DJ in the backcourt:
“I think me and Frankie (Collins) have the potential to be the best backcourt in the country. I’ve been telling him that since he got here. I come in every day and put the work into it and I feel like we did and continue to do that. The summer was very big, although we didn’t really play a lot in the same team, we play against each other, so that prepared us for the season. Now that we’re on the same team, I feel like we’re getting better and better.”

Arizona State forward Devan Cambridge

On the mindset that kicks in tonight after beating Michigan:
“Yes, it was definitely a conversation. We said we can’t be comfortable. The win is over and we have to keep pushing forward. And we cannot take our opponent for granted. And you saw that we lost Texas Southern in that one game. So we just kept pushing… we’re playing together now and we’re testing everyone. See, that’s what happens when you play together.”

On his shooting performance:
“I got extra shots of myself and just believed in myself. It’s just a different system.”

On the chemistry on the offensive:
“Like I said, we just play together. I feel like we can compete with anyone. I think we had 22 assists tonight, you know, it’s just fun to play basketball and I know if we don’t move the ball it looks really bad. So that was the emphasis. And like I said, it’s good basketball when that happens.”

On the influence of Frankie Collins:
“He had a lot of assists. Yeah, you know, that’s his main focus, finding everyone. He’s a point guard and would rather pass the ball than score, but he can do both. If he needs to score, he will. So, that’s a big deal. He can play some very tough passes.”

On his stylish dunks at the fast break:
“Yes, I am disappointed in myself during the fasting break. I’ve strayed too far. And I tried to do this little signature dunk. And then I realized that I would miss it. So I didn’t do it and I’m mad at myself for that.”

About the next steps as a team:
“Really, just get on with what we’re doing. Our defense communication has gotten much better. And rebounds… that’s a big key. We struggled with that tonight.”

To play at home:
“It’s so great to be back. We had a long road trip for a week. It’s just fun. I love playing in front of a home crowd. We have another Sunday (and we are) ready to do the same.”

For the hot start of the team:
“It gave us a lot of confidence (started the game with a 12-0 run). Like I said, just play everyone, respect everyone, respect your opponent. We started 12-0, but we just gave it a go.”