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Plea to sever ties with Steve Keim – Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals roster is a mess. Even if it looks good on paper, the production in the field shows a completely different product.

Steve Keim is a foil for Kevin Colbert. Who is Kevin Colbert? He was general manager of the Pittsburgh Steelers from 2010 to 2022 and director of player personnel from 2000 to 2010. He played a big part in making the Steelers Super Bowl champions in 2005 and 2008.

And maybe Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim should sing his own swan song considering how he’s practically given the Redbirds windows that get smaller every year. There is a huge difference between germ and colbert, which is why they are a match for each other: Seed tries to build through trade and free agency; Colbert built through the design.

The Arizona Cardinals would be smart to show Steve Keim the door

Keim reminds me a lot of Joe Namath. Namath was a mediocre quarterback whose Hall of Fame career lasted only one game. Just as Keim advances his career on his 2x Executive of the Year Awards, which he received about a thousand years ago. Since 2015, Keim has created rosters that, while talented most of the time, have had short windows of opportunity just because they’re getting older.

Here is a small list of Keim’s glitches:

  • Making questionable draft picks
  • Trade draft picks for older players
  • He Fails to Land a Legitimate Franchise Quarterback – While the jury is out on Kyler Murray, his development has stalled in Year 4
  • Failing to address multiple needs, instead relying on fringe players with mixed performances
  • Burning bridges – Patrick Peterson is perhaps the best example of this

Keim has no one to blame but himself for this roster mess. A roster that looks like it was built by a kid in EA Sports’ Madden NFL franchise mode. One who would probably be in contention for a Super Bowl on paper but is in reality a more suitable contender for the NFC West basement.

Some of Keim’s worst draft picks since 2015 have been Robert Nkemdiche and Josh Rosen, particularly the latter. He’s allowed his relationships with players like Peterson to deteriorate, and Keim has also pulled off unnecessary trades for older players like Zach Ertz and Rodney Hudson.

While these trades once looked good, trading for 30-year-olds means ever-shorter timeframes. And that’s why the Cardinals find themselves in their current mess.

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