Powering Prosperity

Powering the State that Powers America

Calculations estimate that every 66.92 seconds another Texan is added to our population. The growth trend is expected to continue, with the Texas population projected to increase by over 21.5 million between 2020 and 2070.  Additionally, five of the nation’s eleven fastest growing cities are in Texas. With this growth comes an increased demand for affordable and reliable electricity. Texas must be in a position to meet that demand.

Our balanced, reliable, and affordable market-driven energy portfolio allows Texas to satisfy the needs of our state’s consumers and industry and serves as an engine of economic growth and prosperity for our state.

Because Texas produces the majority of America’s energy and chemicals, generating almost twice as much electricity as the second higher-producing state, the state’s overall electricity demands are greater than that of any other state. In fact, Texas uses more energy for industry than the next three states combined. Texas has met this demand for electricity by relying on a diverse mix of its natural resources, including natural gas, coal and wind generation.

As of 2013, over $1 trillion of the U.S. economy was associated with the ecosystem of information and data, and this total has only grown in recent years. Texas ranks second nationally in electronics employment, third in electronics output and first in electronics exports. These employers, which include data centers, telecommunications facilities and high-tech manufacturers, all are dependent on affordable and reliable electricity.

Lower electricity prices result in a more prosperous manufacturing sector, while higher rates drive manufacturing away. For instance, California’s electricity rates, at 65% above the U.S. average, have eroded the state’s manufacturing base – forcing the relocation of 650,000 manufacturing jobs between 2001 and 2013, many of which have found new homes in Texas.




Texas is the largest energy producing state in America


LARGESTlignite producer

and the 6th largest coal producer in the nation

The energy sector contributes


annually to the Texas economy




in the energy, petroleum refining and chemical industries across the state

Texas produces more than half
of the United States’


total oil & natural gas


1/4Texas’ 27 petroleumrefineries are

of all of US refining capacity

Texas Economic Growth Tops U.S.


32.77%Income Per Capita


40.25%Income Per Capita


34.84%Income Per Capita

Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Regional Economic Accounts (2003-2013).