BET Statement Regarding President Trump’s Energy Independence Executive Order

AUSTIN, TX – Michael Nasi, General Counsel of Balanced Energy for Texas, issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s executive order to “revise or rescind” the Clean Power Plan:

“President Trump’s “Energy Independence Executive Order” which, among other things, announces the coming end to the Clean Power Plan (CPP), is a crucial win for Texas and the nation. An illegal attempt to force states to accommodate an idealogical environmental agenda, the CPP represented federal overreach at its worst, threatening to destabilize the Texas electricity market, impose a heavy burden on ratepayers, negatively affect the economy and undermine states’ control of their own electricity generation markets. It was all pain for virtually no environmental gain.”

“Balanced Energy for Texas looks forward to supporting the Trump Administration’s efforts to protect affordable and reliable electricity and to promote legitimate “All of the Above” energy policies that protect and promote our state’s leading role in energy and economic development.”