BET Statement – Petra Nova Project Ribbon Cutting

AUSTIN, TX – Michael Nasi, General Counsel of Balanced Energy for Texas, issued the following statement regarding today’s official ribbon cutting at the first large scale U.S. “clean coal” facility:

“Today’s ribbon cutting at Petra Nova, the largest post-combustion carbon capture project in the world, celebrates a tremendous accomplishment in the development of Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) technology.”

“The significance of CCUS technology cannot be overstated. Given that over 1.3 billion people worldwide are without access to electricity, the world will continue to use coal – the most abundant, reliable and affordable source of energy – to lift people out of energy poverty in the developing world. In order to hedge against the risk that carbon dioxide will need to be mitigated worldwide over the coming decades, the successful deployment of CCUS technology by Petra Nova moves us closer to the ability to both address the carbon issue and meet global energy needs.”

“Based in Texas and facilitated by a public-private partnership, this project is symbolic of Texas’ role as an energy leader. Governor Greg Abbott and Energy Secretary Rick Perry, with whom we partnered during his 14 years as Governor of Texas, understand the great potential of projects like Petra Nova to develop technology that improves lives with markets, not mandates.”

To view photos of the project, please visit NRG’s photo gallery: